As her time at the PTO winds down, the Hon. Michelle K. Lee  has announced yet another “Roundtable” to deal with subject matter patent-eligibility, 81 Fed. Reg. 29463 (Nov. 14, 2016).  Fittingly, her final Roundtable will be held in Silicon Valley, close to her home just three days before the Inauguration of President-Elect Trump.

Challenge for the Trump Administration:  Effective examination standards must be implemented.  Simply one more round of  “request[ing]…comments related to patent subject matter eligibility”, id.,doesn’t cut it. 

What Should be Done; Discussions at NaplesBack corridor discussions at the Naples Roundtable will surely include the topic of what should be done for software innovations as part of the annual beachfront meeting that takes place January 14-17, 2017 in Naples, Florida,