The previously distributed paper, “Cabining the 800 Pound Faux Stare Decisis  Gorilla in the The Room of Patent-Eligibility”, has been revised to include a new section, §VI,  Biotechnology Compositions, a Different Case, pp.40-42.

(1) Biotechnology “Compositions”, Patent-Eligible Subject Matter:  The new section details why even assuming, arguendo, that certain software inventions lack patent-eligibility, the same is far from true for biotechnology “compositions of matter.”

(2)  Patent-Eligibility at the Naples Beachfront January 14-17, 2017: Patent-eligibility will be one of the back corridor discussions at the Naples Conference to be held at the Naples Beachfront Hotel.  Details are available at

The revised paper is included as part of the PDF version of this note (attached).