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About the LAIPLA Diversity Fellowship

LAIPLA created the Diversity Fellowship in 2014 to increase diversity in the Intellectual Property (“IP”) bar. Although the lack of diversity generally in the legal field has been well documented, the problem of underrepresentation in the IP bar has been discussed less frequently despite evidence suggesting that it is even more pronounced. One survey showed that minorities only comprised 9.1% of the IP bar, while women were 16.2% of the IP bar.

LAIPLA also formed the Diversity Fellowship to give law students practical skills and experience working as in-house counsel. As the legal profession has changed, more employers have sought law school graduates with hands-on, real-world skills. In turn, law students are seeking experiences that help them better understand the needs of corporate clients.

One way the Diversity Fellowship promotes inclusion and diversity in the IP bar is by equipping law students with the practical skills needed to better succeed as an attorney. The LAIPLA Diversity Fellowship provides a $7,500 stipend for a law student to work up to 10 weeks in an in-house legal department. The Fellowship is open to first and second year law students at an ABA or California accredited law school, who have an interest in practicing IP law in Los Angeles, and identify with an underrepresented group.

2019 Fellowship Recipients:  Skylar Williams & Jean Hyun
2018 Fellowship Recipients:  Chloe Stepney & Joe Barrientos
2017 Fellowship Recipient: Tim Tran
2016 Fellowship Recipients: Cathy Pham & Jennifer Tsai
2015 Fellowship Recipient: Daniel Latimer

2021 Diversity Fellow:  Danielle Ocampo


LAIPLA congratulates this year’s 2021 LAIPLA Diversity Fellow, Danielle Ocampo! LAIPLA wants to especially thank Edwards Lifesciences for hosting Danielle. LAIPLA also wishes to specifically recognize and thank this year’s sponsor who graciously made this Fellowship possible by providing the generous stipend: Morrison Foerster LLP.

This year’s Diversity Outreach Committee included Jennifer So, Chris Jackson, Daniel Latimer, James Abe, Tony Peluso, Paul Lee, and Nick Fung.

Danielle OcampoDanielle Ocampo is currently a law student at Loyola Law School and LAIPLA student member. Prior to law school, Danielle was a Business and Administrative Professional at The Climate Corporation, Bayer’s digital agriculture entity. Before venturing into technology, Danielle was based in the Bay Area as a Business Development Coordinator at the multinational law firm Paul Hastings LLP where she advanced the business initiatives of the Employment Law practice. Danielle began her career in legal as a Business Development intern at Paul Hastings Los Angeles in 2017.

Danielle earned her Master of Public Administration degree from the USC School of Public Policy in 2018. She graduated from UC Davis in 2016 with a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations and a minor in Managerial Economics.

In service to the youth among her Filipino community, Danielle is currently the Program Director for the Empower Pilipino Youth Through Collaboration (EPYC) Ambassador Program under the National Federation of
Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA).

This summer, Danielle is excited join the in-house legal team at Edwards Lifesciences for the opportunity to learn more about various legal issues and gain hands-on experience with Intellectual Property matters.