Last year, in November, the incumbent PTO Director, when asked whether she would want to stay in the PTO as part of the Trump Administration, said that she’s “open to anything and everything.”  She’s apparently still there.

Important Unfinished Business, “Training Examiners”:  The incumbent Director last year identified as key items that remain unfinished “training examiners on improving patent quality and opening satellite offices in cities such as San Jose and Denver” which she says “remain[ ] a work in progress.”  In the scheme of  running a roughly 10,000 employee Agency, precisely where on the list of Agency priorities  does “training examiners on improving patent quality” come into play?

Has the Trump Administration forgotten the Patent Office?  We’re now in mid-February and nobody seemingly knows the score.  What is the Secretary of Commerce (who is above the Patent Office) doing to resolve the uncertainties?



Source for the quoted information: Li Zhou, Patent office director ‘open’ to staying,Politico (November 30, 2016), ([M]ight Lee be interested in sticking around past Inauguration Day? “I’m just focused on doing as much as I can in the time I have here,” she said. But how long is that? Let’s cut to the chase: If asked, would Lee serve in the Trump administration? “I’m open to anything and everything,” she said.)