Which law firms filed the most oppositions in 2015 (and 2014)? [Well, let’s see …. Who represents Major League Baseball? Monster Energy?] The folks at Towergate Software have compiled a list of the top 20 filers (here). [You can more details upon request to Towergate].

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Towergate reports that Cowan Liebowitz dropped to second place in 2015, after many years as top dog (thanks to MLB). Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton have moved into first place, “mainly fueled by Instagram, Oracle, and Occulus VR.” The third through sixth positions remained the same over the past two years: Fross Zelnick, Knobbe Martens, Cooley, and Arent Fox.

I wonder which firms are involved in the most cases that go all the way to final decision? I suspect that theinter partes cases handled by high powered firms for aggressive, deep-pocket clients often are terminated well before that.