Here are three recent appeals from mere descriptiveness refusals under Section 2(e)(1). One of the refusals was reversed. Let’s see how you do in the role of TTAB judge. [Answer in first comment].

In re Migeca S.p.A., Serial No. 87105947 (May 15, 2018) [not precedential] (Opinion by Judge George C. Pologeorgis). [Mere descriptiveness refusal of CA’PUCCINO COFFEE HOUSE AND KITCHEN & Design for, inter alia, coffee and café services [COFFEE HOUSE AND KITCHEN disclaimed].

In re Buchanan, Serial No. 86847785 (May 15, 2017) [not precedential] (Opinion by Judge Cheryl B. Goodman). [Mere descriptiveness refusal of KOPI CHAM MOCHA for “coffee based beverages”].

In re gebana AG, Serial No. 79189309 (May 25, 2018) [not precedential] (Opinion by Judge Anthony R. Masiello). [Mere descriptiveness refusal of GLOBAL FARMERS’ MARKET for various food items in classes 29, 30, and 31].