The USPTO is seeking applications for the position of Attorney Advisor (and more specifically, Interlocutory Attorney) at the TTAB. The detailed announcement may be found here.

Job Title: Attorney Advisor (Trademark)
Department: Department Of Commerce
Agency: Patent and Trademark Office
Job Announcement Number: TTAB-2018-0007

This position is located in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). The TTAB is an administrative tribunal within the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that hears and decides trial level adversary proceedings involving two or more parties. These include oppositions (party opposes an application to register a mark after publication in the Gazette), cancellations (party seeks to cancel an existing registration), and concurrent use proceedings. The TTAB also hears and decides appeals from final refusals issued by USPTO Trademark Examining Attorneys following examination of applications to register marks.

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As an Interlocutory Attorney in the TTAB, the duties are, but not limited to::

  • Analyzing the legal issue in question, developing the strategy to deal with the legal issue, and determining the content and means of delivery of the completed analysis of the legal issue.
  • Managing interlocutory matters in oppositions, cancellations and concurrent use cases at the TTAB.
  • As a recognized expert in the procedural and substantive aspects of the law, mentors and coaches others.
  • Independently deciding and issuing orders on all procedural and substantive motions that are not potentially dispositive of the proceeding, such as motions to amend pleadings, motions to compel and motions to strike evidence.
  • Consulting with and drafting decisions for Administrative Trademark Judges on all procedural and substantive motions that are potentially dispositive of the proceeding, such as motions to dismiss, motions for judgment on the pleadings, and motions for summary judgment.
  • Working with Administrative Trademark Judges and the top management of the TTAB, as well as the top management and/or attorneys of other private and public organizations