The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has scheduled five (5) oral hearings for the month of February, as listed below. The hearings will be held in the East Wing of the Madison Building, in Alexandria, Virginia. Briefs and other papers for these cases may be found at TTABVUE via the links provided.


February 10, 201610 AM: In re Summit Entertainment, Inc., Serial Nos. 77921983, 77921986,77921988, 77921992, and 77921993. [Section 2(d) refusals to register the mark ECLIPSE for various goods relating to motion pictures and entertainment, in classes 9, 14, 18, 24, and 25, in view of, respectively, several class 9 registrations for the identical mark, a registration of the identical mark for watches in class 14, three registration in class 18 for ECLIPSE, ECLIPZE, and ECLIPS & Design, a class 24 registration of ECLIPSE for curtains, and a class 25 registration of the identical mark for footwear].


February 17, 201610 AM: Smart Closets LLC v. Produits Forestiers Direct Inc./Direct Forest Products Inc., Opposition No. 91210215 [Opposition to registration of SMART CLOSET for “modular storage systems, namely, shelves units, cabinets, rails, doors, shelves, poles, clothes bars, drawers and drawer units, being installed in wardrobes or any other room of a house, office or garage,” on the ground of lack of bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce].


February 23, 20162 PM: In re Fullscreen, Inc., Serial No. 85951468 and 85951513 [Refusal to register the markFULLSCREEN, in standard character and design form, for various services relating to development, distribution and production of advertisements and digital content].


February 23, 20163 PM: In re United States Steel Corporation, Serial No. 86174180 [Section 2(a) deceptiveness refusal to register COPPER-10 for prepainted coated sheet steel, namely, coated sheet steel prepainted to simulate naturally weathered copper”].


February 24, 2016 – [Time to be determined]: In re Loggerhead Tools, LLC, Serial No. 85598798 [Refusal to register a motion mark “depicting the product configuration of a hand tool in which six rectangular-shaped jaw-like elements of the circular head of a hand tool radially move in and out,” for “Hand tools, namely, gripping tools in the nature of wrenches and wire crimpers for sale through mass merchandisers to retail consumers,” on the ground of Section 2(e)(5) functionality]. [Video specimen of use here].