Today in Sun v. United States, __ Fed. App’x __ (Fed. Cir. Sept. 6, 2016)(Newman, J.), in a pro se appeal, the panel paid inordinate attention to appellant’s frivolous cause in what could have been an essentially one paragraph opinion (as red-boxed on the attached copy of the opinion).

Objective of the Opinion in the Pro Se case:  A goal of issuing an opinion in a pro secase is to teach the pro se appellant why his appeal is denied.  This result would have been better achieved, here, with a pinpoint focus on the key issue (at the very end of the opinion) undiluted by the previous paragraphs that blunt the message.

A Shorter Opinion Better Serves the Interest of the Pro se Appellant:  Does the individual appellant fully grasp the essence of the opinion when it is just a few lines as the last paragraph of that opinion?

The Overall Impact in Publication of Opinions in Pro Se CasesDoes the publication of opinions, as here, stimulate further like actions by others seeking publicity?