In the current issue (here) of the Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts (Volume 42, No. 3 (2019)), a cavalcade of professors and attorneys discuss the right of publicity from most every angle one can imagine. Enjoy!

  • Jennifer E. Rothman, The Right of Publicity’s Intellectual Property Turn
  • Stacey Dogan, Stirring the Pot: A Response to Rothman’s Right of Publicity
  • Mark Roesler, Term, Breadth, and Waivability
  • Jeremy Sheff, Scope and Justification of the Right of Publicity
  • Mark P. McKenna, Remarks on the Right of Publicity: Theory and Scope
  • Ben Sheffner, Why Movie Studios Care About Right of Publicity
  • Sarah “Alex” Howes, Digital Replicas, Performers’ Livelihoods, and Sex Scenes: Likeness Rights for the 21st Century
  • Jessica Silbey, Control over Contemporary Photography: A Tangle of Copyright, Right of Publicity, and the First Amendment
  • David G. Post, Territoriality, Jurisdiction, and the Right(s) of Publicity
  • Frederick J. Sperling, Protecting the Rights of Publicity of Michael Jordan, Pele, and Muhammad Ali
  • Danielle Keats Citron, The Roots of Sexual Privacy: Warren and Brandeis & the Privacy of Intimate Life
  • Barton Beebe, What Trademark Law Is Learning from the Right of Publicity
  • Mitchell M. Gans, Publicity Rights and the Estate Tax

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Text Copyright John L. Welch 2019.