The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has issued an incendiary report on Patent Examiner overtime abuse which will surely attract the attention of Congress.

Minor Abuse in the Overall Scheme of the PTO:  The OIG in essence gives a clean bill of health to 96 % of the examining work force.  The dollar figures for the abuse are calculated in the millions of dollars; but, the annual Patent Office budget is in thebillions of dollars.

What must not be lost in the shuffle is that the vast, vast majority of the examining corps is not implicated in the OIG report.  Whatever is done by the Department of Commerce, Justice Department and the Congress, it is important that the high morale of the overwhelming majority is maintained.

Issues that MUST  be Carefully Considered:  Yet, as explained in the pdf version of this note, there are glaring issues that will surely gain the attention of both parties in the Congress.  The pdf version of this note includes a summary of critical aspects of the report as well as the complete OIG report itself.

The pdf version of this report provides additional details, supported by excerpts from the OIG report itself, as well as a complete copy of the OIG report.


It is important that the OIG report not simply be swept under the carpet.