The Supreme Court is expected to include in its Orders List either on June 20 or 27 an announcement as to whether it has granted or denied certiorari in Top Ten No. (1)Impression Products v. Lexmark International (international patent exhaustion) and Top Ten No. (7) Life Technologies v. Promega (patent  extraterritoriality).

Substantial Chance Certiorari Will be Granted:   While it is difficult to ever predict that there is a high probability that certiorari will be granted in a patent case, it is expected, here, that at least one of the two cases will result in grant of certiorari.  If certiorari is granted in either case, it would be briefed over the summer; an oral argument would be expected by this coming Winter; and a merits decision should be reached in the Spring before Term finishes at the end of June 2017.

The pdf version of this note provides details.