Today, Mrs. Clinton released Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation [FN*], a 7000 word statement with more than fifty (50) paragraphs including, inter alia,  “Invest in Computer Science and STEM Education”, “Provide Every Student in America an Opportunity to Learn Computer Science”; “Close the Digital Divide”; “Foster a Civic Internet of Things through Public Investments”; and “Defend Net Neutrality”.

Patent Proposals:  Later, near the end of her Initiative, she says she supports —

laws to curb forum shopping and ensure that patent litigants have a nexus to the venue in which they are suing; require that specific allegations be made in demand letters and pleadings; and increase transparency in ownership by making patent litigants disclose the real party in interest.”

“legislation to allow the PTO to retain the fees it collects from patent applicants in a separate fund—ending the practice of fee diversion by Congress, and enabling the PTO to invest funds left over from its annual operations in new technologies, personnel, and training. Hillary also believes we should set a standard of faster review of patent applications and clear out the backlog of patent applications.”