MEET THE BLOGGERS is back for the twelfth time. Perhaps the best non-INTA event ever devised by woman or man, MTB XII will be held on Monday, May 23rd, 8 PM. at Kings Bowl America in Orlando (here). Come and meet some of the best trademark attorneys in the world, and while you’re at it say hello to the sponsors of this year’s event. For details, directions, a look at the sponsoring bloggers, and the RSVP link, go here.

MTB 2015
San Diego 2015

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Hong Kong 2014

Five Hosts
Dallas 2013

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Washington, D.C. 2012. Co-hosts Pelton, Welch, Coleman, Schwimmer

Schwimmer SF copy
San Francisco 2011

Boston 2010. Co-hosts: Coleman, Chestek, Schwimmer, and Welch

Seattle 2009

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Berlin 2008

Coleman, Schwimmer, Welch, Chicago 2007

mar 2006 096.1
Toronto 2006

San Diego 2005