On Wednesday, July 29th, at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time (9 AM PST), the McCarthy Institute will host a webinar to discuss the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decision in USPTO. v. Booking.com B.V. Entitled “The McCarthy Series: U.S.P.T.O. v. Booking.com: What the Recent SCOTUS Ruling Means for Trademark Law,” the webinar will present “the survey expert whose survey played a prominent role in the briefing, the oral argument, the Court’s decision, and Justice Breyer’s dissent, amici who submitted briefs on both sides of the case, and co-counsel for Booking.com.” Registration (here) is free.

The panelists (listed below) will explore what the BOOKING.COM ruling means “for survey and other consumer perception evidence in the future, what is the applicability of the case beyond domain names (and is there anything left to the Supreme Court’s 1888 case finding that a generic term combined with the generic corporate descriptor Company cannot serve as a trademark), and how can brand owners, competitors and consumers navigate the anti-competitive concerns raised by the USPTO and Justice Breyer in the post-Booking.com world.”

Prof. David Franklyn, Director of the McCarthy Institute, will serve as moderator. The four panelists are:

  • David Bernstein, Partner, Devevoise & Plimpton, LLP.
  • Prof. Rebecca Tushnet, Professor of First Amendment Law, Harvard Law School
  • Peter Golder, Marketing Professor, Tuck Dartmouth.
  • Hal Poret, Hal Poret LLC, survey expert.

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TTABlogger comment: I’ll be booking this one, com hell or high water (I am on Cape Cod).

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