One source indicated that Ms. “Lee had *** formally filed a resignation letter in December” but recently “she has made clear that she would serve the Trump Administration if asked[.]”  Yet another source reported on “Lee’s *** statement in an interview with POLITICO that she would be ‘open’ to continuing to serve under Trump ***.”

Was Her Resignation Accepted by either President Obama or Trump? While Ms. Lee may have submitted a letter of resignation (which appears to be the case from multiple sources), there is no source indicating that either President Obama or Trump had accepted her resignation.

House IP Subcommittee Chair Issa says President to Keep Lee: A source (citing Rep. Issa) says that “Donald Trump has decided to keep former Google executive Michelle Lee on as director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark office[.]”

Judge Lee?  A source says Ms. Lee “would like to be appointed to become a Federal District Court Judge in California.”

Included as part of the pdf version of this note are excerpts from the IPWatchdog and Politico with relevant statements above  highlighted in turquoise.