An informed source has indicated that the incumbent head of the Patent Office would like to stay in her position in the new Administration. According to a report in Politico Pro (November 30, 2016), responsive to a question whether she would continue to serve in the Trump Administration, she replied:  “”I’m open to anything and everything[.]”

Lee Priorities in a Trump Administration:  According to the same press report, her reasons for wanting to stay at the Office relate to “much of what she’s set in motion — like training examiners on improving patent quality and opening satellite offices in cities such as San Jose and Denver — [which] remains a work in progress.”

“Making America Great Again”, the Software Patentability Situation:  Some folks think that more important items than making sure the doors open properly in San Diego and Denver relate to the serious, troubling substantive issues facing the patent system. In particular the situation in software patenting is troublesome, where her current policies stifle the individual inventor community from patenting their software innovations: Does denial of patents to innovators help to  “mak[e] America great again?”