Congratulations to newly minted patent attorney Justin Roettger who, as a pro bono public service, has established a gratis use, easy to use website to gain specific details on any Examiner concerning individual allowance rates and a variety of other information.  See

Useful to the Patent Practitioner:  If Justin’s website can deliver accurate information that shows, for example, that a particular examiner is outside the norm and refuses to allow claims without an appeal, this signals a need to go directly to an appeal with the goal of winning at the appeal brief level.  Or, to forego wasting time on an interview.

Useful to the Patent OfficeThe Roettger system also allows the Office to identify bad actors in the examining corps who have statistics outside the norm so that appropriate actions can be taken.  Query:  Does the multi-billion dollar Agency have a “Roettger system”?  If not, why not?  (If Justin can, why can’t the PTO?) If the Office has a “Roettger system” why are bad apples outside the norm still in the examining corps?

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